Print vs Digital… or is it?

Many librarians I know are listen to Radio National, (RN being the nearest thing I know to a free University Education – Girl with bookstimulating brain food piped directly into your ears!).  Avid listeners to last Sunday’s Ockham’s Razor may have picked up this story: Is the Book as we know it dead?.   Peter Macinnis (word herder, science communicator) discusses what he did when researching his latest book – how technology such as Project Gutenberg is invaluable for the original research which is needed to produce good books; and how those research skills can be best taught, not by computer boffins or English teachers but by Teacher-Librarians.

The vapid politicians who carry on about Australian history, meaning dead-white-male history, are also the ones who most commonly bleat about ‘literacy’, by which they mean simplistic reading and writing skills that can be tested. These enemies of education with their foolish lists are yesterday’s men. True literacy bubbles and froths with joy, even when a dead political hand is placed on it, and the new literacy will, teachers willing, sweep their foolishness away.

But who will teach this new sort of literacy? Not the teachers of English or computing or science: they lack the skills and the time. Among the professionals of education, only one group can do it. Oddly enough, they are the very people most at threat from those who say the Book is Dead.

Some call them school librarians, but they’re really teacher-librarians, people trained both as teachers and as librarians. Rather than getting rid of them and their libraries, we need to fund them better, far better. We need more, not fewer, libraries, more, not fewer, teacher-librarians.

 You can find more of Peter’s writings in our library catalogue!

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