Social networking your personal finances ?

One of our readers of finance used the ABI Inform global database as the index to discover an interesting article Managing your Money in Public View by Jane J Kim in the Wall Street Journal June 14 2007 (page D1 in the “Personal Journal” section of the paper). The article commented on several of the next generation of personal finance and money management sites including, amongst others, Wesabe, Buxfer, TradeKing, and Covestor.

The sites offer opportunity to discuss, with like minded people, financial planning and spending behaviour including student loans, shared expenses, managing savings accounts, credit cards and investing.  CNN predict 2 million users of social networking personal finance sites in 2008.

If you would like to hear more – as well as take a look at more conventional, as well as local, ways of managing money and investment – take a look at the “Money – your bottom line” seminars offered on a regular basis in the Library’s SEaK: Business program

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