Small Engine Workshop Manuals

320162pd.jpgThe State Library now has access to the Small Engine Repair Reference Centre from EBSCO, an online tool for small engine repair assistance containing manuals for All Terrain Vehicles, commercial mowers, farm tractors, generators, motorcycles, marine engines (inboard and outboard models), outdoor power equipment (chainsaws etc), person water craft (jet skis) and if we ever find a need in the future snow-blowers and snowmobiles.

It is an American product but it does have a number of the worldwide brands and models available in Australia, and is especially good for motorcycles and tractors. It contains PDF scanned images from workshop manuals which allow sections to be emailed or printed. The State Library’s licence means it is only available on computers (Electronic Resources page) in the the library.

One thought on “Small Engine Workshop Manuals

  1. i need diagram picture of a craftman 11 horsepower extra duty 4 cycle moter
    modle # 253707
    type# 0178-01
    code# 86010311
    please cotact me soon!

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