WA’s Rock Mass for Love in cyberspace.

In the early 70’s,  it was a hip and happening place at St George’s Cathedral in Perth. Rock masses became a feature at the Cathedral and 1000’s attended to hear and be moved by updated church music more relevant in an era of Christian rock musicals such as Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar. In March 1971, The Dean of Perth, the Very Rev. John Hazlewood presided over a live recording of Rock Mass for Love at the Cathedral. Written by local drummer Bruce Devenish, and performed by his Jazz Ensemble and rock group Bakery, the Mass was recorded live at the Cathedral with 6,000 people people in attendance.  Now over 35 years later, recordings of the Rock Mass for Love are sought after on the international market. Considered a rare recording, the album provides wonderful sampling for DJs looking for fresh inspiration for their dance mixes. Classed variously as Hip Hop, Funky Rock or Psyche-Soul,  the disc is enjoying a resurgence, noted with humour by Bruce himself. If you have a copy at home, it may be worth something. Have a bit of a Google. The State Library’s copy has seen better days so a mint copy donation to us would be very much appreciated. We’d also love to hear your story if you were there at that auspicious occasion in 1971.

10 thoughts on “WA’s Rock Mass for Love in cyberspace.

  1. This was a fantastic event, amazing for sleepy old Perth.
    Showed the world Perth can cut it too.
    I was there with my wife (Frances.) If my memorie serves me well, the Bakery did Speed King.
    All not possibly without the Bishop John Hazlewood.
    Yea, they had their Woodstock.Isle of Wight Ect:
    But no one in the History of the world had rock on an
    Alter until then (as far as i know), let alone doing Speed King or was it Child in Time. Probably got chase outa town 50years before the Bakery did it.


    • Mind Garage “Electric Liturgy” at 1968 in various places in USA (altogether 19 Mass been conducted at Catholic conference, Episkopal and Methodist churches).
      Czerwono-Czarni “Msza beatowa. Pan przyjacielem moim” 14 January 1968 at Podkowa Leśna during Evening Mass in Catholic church.
      Both examples had in the service Communion.

  2. what a time that was 71-72 the bakery were perths big underground band and rock mass was the big one, i still think about it now and then, their records still sell well all over the world and thats incredible. peter walker was a great guitarist and i think tom davidson was one of the best vocalists australia ever produced and yes the dean of perth was a real rocker ps i have lived in england since 1972……

  3. The details of Bakery – Ross Mass For Love LP – are a blank on some websites. Also I was told two days ago by a friend that it was “Rock Opera”. So I have passed the information on. Thank you.

  4. A Rock Mass For Love, I have a Promo Copy in Excellent condition! Very rare to find a promo copy in this condition, contact me if your interested in upgrading your copy

    • Have only just seen this response. We certainly are interested in upgrading our copy. Please contact the Collection Development Team of the State Library on 9427 3111 if the offer still stands.

  5. For those that were there and remember Bakery’s early days, you will be sad to know that bass player Eddie McDonald passed away on 31 December 2009 in Wellington, New Zealand (his home town) after a long battle with illness.

    I feel privileged to have known and worked with Eddie. RIP my friend.

  6. Hi,

    My name is Rowena Putland and am currently writing my honours thesis on The Rock Masses. I am interested in interviewing/obtaining written responses from those who attended. If you can help me out please email me at 10028860@student.uwa.edu.au


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