Alsiadi – Middle Eastern music

Are you interested in Middle Eastern music? Do you play the Oud, Qanun, Ney, or Darrabukka? Ever wondered how Middle Eastern scales (Maqamat) and rhythms (Iqaat) are structured, and what they sound like?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then the website  will be an excellent resource for you!

ALSIADI aims to gather Middle Eastern music for musicians and music enthusiasts everywhere. The site provides sheet music in Sibelius Scorch format as well as tables showing the Maqamat and Iqaat. To top it all, ALSIADI also provides a vlog and mp3 jukebox of Middle Eastern recordings. This is particularly useful if you are learning a Middle Eastern instrument or just interested in hearing and viewing classic and traditional music from the region. 

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