2008 is ‘Year of the Scout’

According to the Scouts Australia website, 2008 was declared as the Year of the Scout to mark the centenary of Scouts Australia.

Giving alumiunium to scout, 1942Former Prime Minister Mr John Howard said Australia was one of the first countries in the world to adopt Scouting, which will be 100 years ago as of 2008. Western Australia has some activities planned, starting with WA Scout Youth Awards presentation at Government House on 18 February 2008.

The HRRC pictorial collection of the State Library of Western Australia has some delightful photographs of scouts at work during World War II.

Image 226664PD shows a scout collecting aluminium to aid the war effort.

Search on scouts (youth activity) in the catalogue to find information and Scouts (Youth organization members) to see photographs in the library catalogue.

5 thoughts on “2008 is ‘Year of the Scout’

  1. Tried to find books written to celebrate Australia’s Year of the Scout?

    Australian author Christopher J. Holcroft has written two books specifically aimed at capturing the imaginations of Scouts and Venturers everywhere.

    His first book, Only The Brave Dare, was published in May this year and follows the exploits of a group of Venturers on a NSW Christmas holiday. When the Venturer Unit paddle out to explore an old wrecked submarine, they are taken prisoner by a group of Russian mafia who go to the sub to rerieve a haul of drugs left overnight by a mother ship.

    It is up to the most unassuming Ventuer to escape their convict jail with a lighthouse built on top and turn the prison into a weapon against the Russians.

    The second book, CANYON, is due out mid-November. It follows Scott the hero of the first book, as he sets up a national rescue scheme run by Rovers. He goes on a canyoning trip with his Venturer Unit that turns into disaster and a race against time. Half of his Unit are pitted against the raging elements in a herculean dash to safety. The second half try and save the life of a Venturer who has befallen a tragedy no one counted on.

    Both Only The Brave Dare and CANYON were written by a Venturer Leader for scouts in the Year of the Scout. The books are published by Poseidon Books and available on http://www.poseidonbooks.com/

  2. When the Brave Dare to Canyon
    BOOK REVIEW BY MICHAEL LEE, 18 of Hurstville,
    New South Wales, Australia

    CANYON by Christopher J Holcroft, is the second instalment in a series that follows the adventures of Scott Morrow and his Venturer Unit. The novel tells the story of a canyoning trip that places the Venturer Unit against the elements and forces them to make a life and death decision.
    The book begins with the characters practicing their abseiling skills, as they learn to trust each other, in a controlled environment before they have to put these skills into practice in the most extreme weather conditions.
    With meticulous detail the author impeccably describes the scene, painting a picture in the reader’s mind. As the story builds in intensity the author switches between characters at different locations keeping the reader’s intrigue.
    The book shows the important connections between the different sections of the scouting family, particularly the bond between Venturers and Rovers.
    Like Only the Brave Dare the book is targeted towards teenage readers with a passion for adventure.
    Throughout the adventures of the Venturer Unit the author highlights the importance of team work.
    The novel is a suspenseful and entertaining read that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
    CANYON is an adrenaline filled story that will be thoroughly enjoyed by all teenagers.
    CANYON is available through Poseidon Books at http://www.poseidonbooks.com/

  3. Only The Brave Dare, by Christopher Holcroft, is a novel about Venturers on a camping trip who cross paths with the Russian Mafia.
    The book begins with a Queens Scout presentation and then introduces the main character.
    The world of Scouting and Venturing is described as the novel incorporates an emotional touch to the characters’ interactions.
    The novel switches between different characters in different locations with different roles in a fashion that is simple to understand.
    Although there is the occasional violence, the author’s description is acceptable for teenage readers.
    Only The Brave Dare portrays the Scouts as an organised, independent unit with some of their feats and routines seeming almost unbelievable.
    However, their feats and routines are plausible with the Venturers’ training and experience.
    With the novel being set for a younger age, and using younger characters as the main role players, Only The Brave Dare is a gripping read for any teenager.
    Although the novel has several corny pages at the start, overall, it is a suspenseful and entertaining read.
    The novel is definitely a decent, educational experience for any teenager.
    Only The Brave Dare is available through Poseidon Books at http://www.poseidonbooks.com/
    Only The Brave Dare was one of two books written by Venturer Leader Christopher J. Holcroft during The Year of the Scout.

  4. 8 Jan 12

    Hi team,

    My name is Christopher J. Holcroft and I am the author of Only The Brave Dare.

    This book has been reprinted by Infinity Publishing pf the USA and is now available at Amazon.

    The new ISBNs are:-

    ISBN-10: 0741469944 and

    ISBN-13: 978-0741469946

    It’s the same book but updated with a new publisher, images and editing process.


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