More than plain Google…

As a middle-aged library geek I subscribe to quite a few email lists that keep me up to date with websites and search tools – one of the more infrequent but most useful is from Mary Ellen Bates at Web Search PacificGoogle Logo Much as I love and rely on Google it’s great to get Mary Ellen’s word on many other resources that are out there to be used.  This week she’s writing about, a blog style guide to the myriad of other specialised search engines that are out there…  and she reminds us of some of the great advanced search options from Google that allow you to find things on other sites  (try this on Google: science ).  If you find the syntax a bit challenging you can go to Google’s Advanced Search page and fill in the boxes – most search engines have advanced searching options that are really worth checking out! Wombat in Snow

As well as Mary Ellen’s infrequent (but invaluable) newsletter (sign up at Web Search Pacific)  you should also check out the weekly newsletter from Internet Scout Project and for those with the soul of a reference librarian the irregular and invaluable Project Wombat  list  (formerly known as Stumpers) – where reference librarians go when they are stuck and rarely go away without an answer!

Happy Searching!

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