Western Australian cemeteries locations online

If you are interested in researching your family history in Western Australia there are some great websites where you can find information about the locations of your deceased ancestors.

Moya Sharp in Kalgoorlie has a website with links to 95 regional towns, most with links to cemeteries, online at ‘Outback Family History’.                                       

Oz GenOnline has links to Western Australian cemetery databases online.

Paul Blair has created a page on Google Earth showing the locations of cemeteries in W.A. If you have the programme Google Earth, try Australian Cemetery Geolocations and click on the map links to find where Balgo or Yerilla cemetaries are, amongst others. QR codes have been added. Each burial site has a quick response code that you can ‘photograph’ with your smart device (phone, iPad etc) and, with the right app installed, get a location map. There’s a brief intro above the table, and the QR codes are reached by clicking ‘QR’ against any site.

 These are just a few of the links to online databases available.  Happy fossicking!!   

085077PD Erikson Family, 1696        Image 085077PD: Erikson Family, 1969, Cossack

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