The Best Film Websites

Are you looking for a film review?  Below is a librarian’s compilation of some of the best film review websites:

The Internet Movie Database   is the best film website with over 425,000 film listings.  It provides film plots, full cast and credits, reviews, soundtrack listings, awards etc.  It also has a database of actors including biographical information and filmography.

The ABC’s At the Movies, starring Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton, has its own website with the latest film reviews searchable by title, star-rating and year (2004-2007).

allmovie is a busy looking website but it has a database of 220,000 films.  The reviews are searchable by title or person’s name.    It has a film glossary, movie trailers, blog and a nice set of essays on topics ranging from action films to westerns.  It also lists new cinema releases.  There is a browser database that lists films by genre, decade or country of origin.

The Guardian newspaper has a very interactive film section that includes movie reviews by staff journalists and readers.  There are links to video interviews with actors.

The Metacritic website is a database of reviews on films, music, games, books and television.  It has film reviews from quality newspapers and magazines including Variety, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.

Movie Review Query Engine website claims to be the largest online database of film reviews (over 600,000 articles) eg the film “Atonement” has 137 reviews.

RadioTimes is a comprehensive entertainment website that is part of the BBC.  It includes a film section with a database of 24,000 film reviews.  Only the Radio Times reviews are posted.

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