Aliens in Western Australia

018929pd.jpgNo, this is not a story about the Doctor and the Tardis, but now that I have your attention, read on! Have you ever wondered how you became a citizen before the 1871 Act  for the Naturalization of Aliens within the Colony of Western Australia? The answer is you got your very own Act of Parliament! Between 1841 and 1871, thirty-nine  people in WA had acts of parliament granting them citizenship. The first was Johann August Ludwig Preiss from Hanover, and the last was Peter Ferrara from Naples in the Kingdom of Italy. In between was Benjamin Franklin Simmons, and there are no Brownie points for guessing his country of origin,  and the Right Reverend Jose Maria Benedict Serra, known to us as Dom Joseph Benedict Serra, one of the co-founders of New Norcia.

The Act of 1871, known as the Naturalization Act, put and end to this interesting footnote in the history of the Colony of Westen Australia.

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