New Eileen Joyce display

The Joyce of Piano is a new display on the second floor of the Library, near the music collection. It features one of WA’s virtuoso pianists, Eileen Joyce, including sound recordings, letters, concert programs and newspaper articles. The Eileen Joyce Studio at The University of WA was named after her – in fact, her large bequest enabled it to be built. One treasure in the display is a copy of the program of the Studio’s opening, on loan from the UWA Library.

2 thoughts on “New Eileen Joyce display

  1. I was a friend of Eileen’s and have a photograph album full of photo’s of my visit to her in Limpsfield. As I am now 78 and my family would probably not appreciate it, would you be interested in the album for her studio? I also have a small oil painting of Eileen from her own collection but would not like to part with it until I pop off. If you are interested I will leave instructions in my will for it to be delivered to her studio. The album I could send you now.
    Thank you.
    Deirdre Prussak

  2. Hi Dierdre,

    Did the UWA Library take you up on your kind offer?
    I met you at Rosedale several years ago, and you showed me your collection.
    Margaret Wright.

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