Visit the Doollee Website for Plays and Playwrights Post 1956

Visit Doollee: a useful British website on plays and playwrights post 1956 (since John Osborne’s major work “Look Back in Anger”) created by Julian Oddy in his spare time.  The website has a database of playwrights which includes brief biographical information, a list of plays and literary agent.  At last count the database included 715 Australian playwrights.  The website lists 60,000 play titles in alphabetical order with author and genre, if known.  There is a database that searches for the number of cast members by gender in a play.  It has listings of literary agents, including agents of Australian playwrights.  There are links to major play publishers and theatres worldwide.  Whilst some of the databases are not well set out such as the “theatres and theatre companies”, it is an excellent resource not readily available elsewhere.

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One thought on “Visit the Doollee Website for Plays and Playwrights Post 1956

  1. NativeAliens Theatre Collective of New York City is soliciting plays for its 9th Annual Short Stories playwrights’ festival. A celebration of the playwright, Short Stories 9, will be a collection of short plays from the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender perspective that will be produced together for a week’s run in late June of 2008. This year’s theme is “Queer Prime” so all plays should be relevant to issues facing the gay community in their middle years (40’s & 50’s). Playwrights interested in having their plays produced as part of this festival should e-mail their plays, as attachments, to and include their name, address, phone number and e-mail. Plays should be a maximum performance time of 10 minutes, typed double-spaced in 10 point or larger font. Include a brief synopsis, no more than 2 sentences long. Playwrights’ names should appear ONLY on cover page. Deadline for submission is March 22, 2008. For more information about NativeAliens Theatre Collective, visit our website at

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