New Western Australian books

WA publisher Hesperian Press has just released Padre Plod , the story of Father Barry May’s  life, including his years as a police chaplain. According to the press release:

Starting as an Anglo-Catholic traditionalist, he plunged into Charismatic waters and discovered new, healing aspects of his faith… Crackling with wit and self-deprecating humour, Padre Plod offers unique and honest insights into the usually hidden world of Church governance and clerical duties. Barry May’s sermon reads like no other.

 Padre Plod will soon be available from the Battye collection on the third floor of the State Library building.

Meanwhile, Fremantle Press have published The Food Lover’s Guide to Perth, ‘an insightful guide into the best fresh produce available in Perth’.  It’s on order for public libraries.

UWA Press have released Susan Midalia’s short story collection with the intriguing title A History of the Beanbag and other stories.  You can download two free podcast previews on the website, presumably for two of the stories. The books is also on order for public libraries.

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