Beekeeping Display at Claremont Showgrounds

234470pd.jpgBeekeeping Display at Claremont Showgrounds

A photograph (234470PD) from the JS Battye Library Pictorial Collection of a beekeeping display at the Claremont Showgrounds in 1950.  The stall at the front has a banner advertising beekeeping demonstrations and honey sampling.  Posters on the fence proudly proclaim the “suns energy is in honey bringing health and happiness to you”.  The image has been made available by the Historical Records Rescue Consortium Project which was supported by Lotterywest.

4 thoughts on “Beekeeping Display at Claremont Showgrounds

  1. The shows have come on a little bit since then…
    Beekeeping was very popular in those times, for many people, even a necessity.
    Let’s do all we can to bring as many people back to this fascinating hobby/business

  2. It could be argued that hobby beekeepers spread more disease in bees as they have less beekeeping knowledge than commercial beekeepers.

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