Australian Electoral Rolls now on Ancestry


Australian Electoral Rolls 1901 – 1936 have recently been added to Ancestry library edition for all States except South Australia. Coverage varies from State to State. For example, only the 1930 and 1936 electoral rolls for New South Wales are included whereas there are seven electoral rolls for Queensland and five for Western Australia.

Searching is possible across all electoral rolls at the same time or the search can be limited to a particular State. Searching can also be limited by gender, electoral district, year range or keyword.

The easiest way to access this new database is by clicking on the Search tab from the Ancestry library edition home page and then selecting Australia under Browse by location. Selecting any of the States will take you to a list of Australian databases and you will see the Australian Electoral Rolls with a New/Updated annotation beside it in red.

 Some of these electoral rolls are already held by the State Library in other formats but, in many cases, they are available for the first time. Why not try searching for one of your ancestors or a famous Australian?

The image below (221414PD) is from our Pictorial Collection and was added to the catalogue as part of the Historical Records Rescue Consortium (HRRC) project. It shows three people voting in the federal election in 1940 and is part of the Collection of images from the West Australian Newspaper (BA1555).


6 thoughts on “Australian Electoral Rolls now on Ancestry

  1. I would like to know why it is that there are no Electoral rolls or census data for South Australia on line to date?

  2. negotiates agreements with a range of libraries, archives, government bodies etc. to enable them to digitise material for their subscription website. They have obviously been unable to reach an agreement for the electoral rolls in South Australia. Watch this space because I will write another post if the situation changes. The State Library of WA does hold the 1909 electoral roll for South Australia on CD-ROM.

  3. I am looking for my family tree as my father is dead and my mother is in a nursing home. It wasn’t talked about when we were young.

    • Have just come across your post of 25 October,2010. It seems like you need to start from the beginning. I’d be happy to walk you through the process if that hasn’t already occurred. If you want you can contact me on:


  4. Hello I am trying to get a copy of the 1910 electoral roll for the Kimberley, WA. I am resident in Tasmania but am researching Kimberley history for this period. Any assistance

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