A musical education for all

On Sunday December 2, the ABC showed Operatunity Oz: Revisted where we caught up with the musical careers of the winners of the 2006 competition. There are some great success stories there. All the panelists concurred that tenor John Roehring had an exceptional voice but it was his musicality that let him down in the end. Despite an impressive will to succeed, hard work, superb acting skills, a good instrument, intensive coaching and encouragement, John just failed to present the whole package when it came to the crunch. He was born to sing. One of the most telling observations was made by Richard Gill, one of the judges, conductor, educator and a passionate advocate for music education. He said that if John had been brought up with an exposure to music as a child, and to programs of rhythm and pitch and other music literacy programs, he may have had a chance. Music education for all is a worthwhile catchcry. Programs such as Music. Count us in,  a national initiative to promote the value of music education in schools are doing their best to engage schools in music-making again and raise the profile of an essential part of a child’s education.  Check out the website to see what it’s all about. http://www.musiccountusin.org.au/content/view/13/6

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