Have you tried using the FREE Ancestry library edition database at the State Library?


Ancestry library edition is a subscription database, similar to the popular Ancestry.com, where you can search for information on your ancestors free within the State Library building.

Popular databases include:

  • Australian convict index 1788-1868
  • UK census records and images for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 covering England, Wales, Scotland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man but not Ireland
  • US census records and images 1790-1930
  • British Army World War 1 pension records 1914-1920
  • Pallot’s Marriage Index 1780-1837
  • British phone books 1880-1984
  • UK birth, marriage and death indexes 1837-2005 (not complete but worth searching)*

 *Remember that Ancestry is providing access to the indexes not to the original certificates. These will have to be ordered from the relevant registry office

What else can I find?

Other types of records include: parish records, wills, immigration records, directories, land records, court records, newspapers, gazetteers, maps and photographs

What can I do with my results?

To print your results click on Print and follow the on-screen instructions for the best results. Always use the Print Preview option first because there is often a blank page before and after your image.

There is the option to email your results but use this with caution as you can only ever email 5 results to any one email address.

Watch this space!

Family History subject specialists will soon be offering training courses on using Ancestry library edition for interested staff.

8 thoughts on “Have you tried using the FREE Ancestry library edition database at the State Library?

  1. Is the Ancestry Library Edition available at other State Libraries, for example I live in Victoria but would like information regarding a WA relative.


  2. Dear all,

    I found the Ancestry Library Edition very useful. This is a great service for library patrons.

    Thank you!


  3. Does anyone know where the relevant registry office is if you want an original certicicate please?

    By the way Melbourne had a massive earth Quake The other day.

  4. I have noticed that the Ancestry Library now advertises all the time on Sydney Morning Herald Online edition of the Newspaper. This must be a big organisation for it to pay for the media adds.

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