Book review: The Devil’s Garden – The Claremont Serial Killings

There was controversy when Debi Marshall’s true crime book about Western Australia’s Claremont serial killings was published in June this year.  WA police criticised her approach, her research and the credibility of her sources of information.

The book begins by relating the events around the disappearence of three women from Claremont in 1996 and 1997. It also spends many chapters discussing alleged police mishandling of other cases in Western Australia.

The book’s content aside, it suffers from too many cliches. The attempts to get inside the heads of the family of victims and suspects do not ring true.  However, the subject matter makes the book compelling to Western Australians for whom the case is still vivid in their minds.

If your local Western Australian public library doesn’t have a copy, they can get one for you on interlibrary loan. There is also a copy on the third floor of the State Library of Western Australia.

– Nathan Hobby.

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