WA author Vincent Serventy dies

Vincent Serventy, Western Australian born writer and conservationist, has died aged 91.  He was the author of over 70 books, all of which can be found at the State Library of Western Australia. During his long life, as well as writing books, he fought many environmental campaigns and hosted a television show called Nature Walkabout.

According to the long obituary in today’s Sydney Morning Herald,

Serventy, who died on Saturday aged 91, was born to Victor and Antica Serventy, who had come from Croatia early last century, met on the Kalgoorlie goldfields and moved to an orchard and vineyard at Armadale, outside Perth, where Vincent was the youngest of eight children. He attended Perth Modern School, graduated in geology and psychology from the University of Western Australia, researched zoology for the CSIRO and taught. One student at Northam High School was Shirley Strickland, the gold medal Olympic athlete who became a committed environmentalist.

Interestingly Serventy was friends with Spike Milligan. In later years, Serventy lived in Sydney. One of his last books, published by Fremantle Press, was 1999’s An Australian Life – Memoirs of a naturalist, conservationist, traveller and writer.

Below is a photograph of magpies taken by Serventy and available in the State Library’s pictorial collection. Its number is 274104PD.


– Nathan Hobby

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