Book Review: The Fur by Nathan Hobby

The Fur plays out realistically, despite the fact that in it Western Australia has been quarantined from the rest of the country due to an infestation of fur. Because Hobby uses simple language, a matter-of-fact tone and sets the scene slowly and carefully, this context becomes believable and so doesn’t take over the central story of Michael Sullivan’s maturation. This is important, because whilst the concept of the fur adds interest to this scenario, ultimately Michael’s struggle to find his place in society represents a modern dilemma, relevant to a range of cultures and societies.

Hobby’s intellectualism and Christianity pervade The Fur, so that readers with different values may carry away a feeling of having been judged, unfairly.

The Fur is successful in blending reality and science fiction, and in depicting Michael’s transition from an awkward teenager to a young man looking to make a positive contribution within a complex and overbearing environment.

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