Book Review: Rhubarb by Craig Silvey

Craig Silvey’s Rhubarb has an amazing sense of place. Because the central character is a blind girl there is added emphasis on sensory detail, which delivers real depth and richness to the Fremantle context.

The prose is beautifully and poetically crafted, but the effort behind it is distractingly obvious; you tend to notice the unusual sentence structures and big words, rather than sinking into the narrative.

Rhubarb is an engaging look at the human response to trauma and the range of lives lived beyond the fringe of mainstream society.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Rhubarb by Craig Silvey

  1. Mr Craig Silvey, Just dropping a line to say how much I love your novel Rhubarb. I seriously hope that you will render more if not all your books to Audible.
    Great narrators actually bring the written word to life.
    Thanks for choosing Humphrey Bower he does Bryce Courtnay. And listening to Rhubarb, I see that you are on your way to being #1 best seller once Bryce decides that he doesn’t want to write anymore.

  2. Love Rhubarb. Commit all the rest of your books to Audible.Com and continue using Humphrey Bower as narrator


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