A history of Western Australian place names, street names and rivers

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If you want to know the origin of the name of a suburb or a country town, this is the place to look.  It is amazingly comprehensive; even the tiny locality I grew up in is covered:


Latitude 33° 20′ Longitude 115° 09′

The townsite of Allanson is located 196 km south of Perth and just 6 km west of Collie. It is in the Collie Coalfields, and land was set aside for a townsite here in 1898, in accordance with government policy of providing land for coal miners close to the mine sites. A railway station named West Collie was opened in 1898, and when a townsite was gazetted in 1906 it was also named West Collie. However, much of the original townsite land was underlaid by coal seams, and little land was released. A new subdivision was made in 1911, and the townsite boundaries changed and gazetted 1912. The name was changed to Allanson in 1916, and it is believed to be named after Arthur Allan Wilson, the MLA for Collie from 1908 to 1947.

The origins of street names in the City of Perth and City of South Perth are  shown in an interactive map. Landgate is also half finished a guide to the origin of river names; it’s up to ‘M’ so far.

- Nathan Hobby

12 thoughts on “A history of Western Australian place names, street names and rivers

  1. Hello

    I would appreciate any information on the origin of Regdel Road Lesmurdie.

    Many thanks for your assistance.

    Dianne Moody

  2. Hi I would like to know the history of McDonald Street in Herne Hill and the name of the Mcdonald it was named after.

  3. Hi! I would like to know the history of Bhutan Street near Aubin Grove school. It would be much appreciated if someone could have answer

    • Hi Pem,

      The streets around Bhutan Street in Aubin Grove all seem to be references to the scientific names of various types of pine trees:
      – Kesiya Turn: Pinus Kesiya, or the khasi pine
      – Ponderosa Road: Pinus Ponderosa, or the ponderosa pine
      – Radiata Promenade: Pinus Radiata, or the Monterey pine
      – Durango Turn: Pinus Durangensis, or the Durango pine
      Following that, Bhutan Street could be a reference to Pinus Bhutanica, or the Bhutan white pine.

      Street names, particularly in new developments, often go in themes. There’s actually a body called the Geographic Names Committee – part of the government department Landgate – which regulates all of this.

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